I talk with many people who have a personal brand each week and they understand the importance of creating content.

Creating content is essential if you want to increase your influence, impact and income.

We live in a day and age where your marketing should be treated like a media company.

Those brands who understand this and ship quality content into the marketplace consistently, taking a stand on a view point their ideal client/customer can rally behind and help people get results, build an audience and can influence their purchasing behavior.

The biggest brands get this.

There are two deadly mistakes I see many people make when launching or growing a personal brand and I want to help you prevent them from happening.

The 2 Deadly Content Marketing Mistakes Personal Brands Make

1. They Make Their Brand All About Themselves

One of the biggest mistakes I see many people make is they make their brand all about themselves.

Their website copy is all about, “I’m a this…I’m a that…Look at me, Look at me.”

They buy into the old world of personal branding where we would position ourselves on a pedestal to show the world how great we are.

In the old world, we believed if we could consistently tell the market place how amazing we are and if we looked the part, they would believe us and as a result, we would build an audience, they would trust us and buy from us.

In the new world, this old mindset doesn’t work very well.

Instead, personal brands are built by consistently sharing valuable content and lessons you learn from leading your industry by example.

In the new world, the best personal brands are those influencers and leaders who refuse being put on a pedestal, share their wins and mistakes openly and join their customers and clients on the path to their desired results.

Great personal brands lead from within the trenches, side-by-side with with audience.

2. They Don’t Have a Lead Magnet That Solves a Big Ass Problem

Another big mistakes I see many people make is they do not have some type of free offer on their homepage to solve a big ass problem for their perfect client, in exchange for the visitors name and email address.

I call this a Lead Magnet.

I would have you consider all people on this planet are tuned into one single station WIIFM.

I don’t want to see you make these mistakes.

If you’re serious about increasing your influence, impact and income I’d have you consider, people don’t care until they know you care.

So how do we help them know we care?

4 Solutions to Make Your Content Marketing Cut Through the Noise

1. Your Website Copy Should Talk to Your Ideal Client.

Many personal brand make the mistake of using the word “I’ and talk about themselves.

I would you consider, no one cares about you. Instead, they care about the results you can get them.

To have people feel like you are speaking directly to them, use words like “you” and speak to their pain.

For years I tried using pleasure driven language and it didn’t convert very well.

Then I learned the human brain is wired for survival and as a result, pain catches our attention and moves us into action because it threatens our existence.

2. Use Buffers When Writing Your Content.

Often times, people make the mistake of being too direct. No one really likes to be treated like a child.

If your teaching in your content comes across as… “You shouldn’t do this. You should do this instead.” or “The reality is…” or “You must understand…”

People reading your content probably feel like they are being scolded or having the finger pointed at them.

Most people don’t like this.

Maybe you’re one of these types of people? I know I sure am.

Instead, try using phrases like “Maybe you can relate to this?” or “You may have…” or “You probably…”

This helps the reader put themselves inside whatever you are offering or talking about.

Our brains are funny. If there is one thing in a sentence we don’t agree with, we are like…“Nope. I’ve never done that. This is not applicable to me.”

Then we shut down and stop reading or listening because we do not feel it’s relevant to us.

We don’t feel like it will help us get the result we are seeking and feel like the content is a waste of our time.

This is one of the things I teach my private clients how to master and it increases their conversions when they execute on it.

So try using some buffers in your blog posts, newsletters or videos next time.

3. Consistently Create Amazing Content to Help People Get Results Before They Talk With You.

The marketing industry has touted for years “content is king.”

Now days, a monkey can create content from the palm of his hand using a smart phone. It’s easier than it’s ever been and that’s one of the reasons the market place is noisier than it’s ever been.

Instead, less is more. Quality content and results trumps all.

Don’t fall into the mistake of purchasing some white-label content, thinking if you just put out more, you’ll finally have more influence, impact and income.

Be the personal brand known for producing content that gets people results.

This doesn’t have to be tangible results.

It could be a new perspective.

Perspective is a very powerful result because when someone has a new perspective, they can take different actions, which lead to new results.

You can create content through written blogs, podcasts or videos on Facebook Live or YouTube.

The key is to simplify the game and commit to creating really amazing content once a week or twice a month and then learn how to repurpose that content into various social media posts.

I’ve been teaching my private clients how to master this using MeetEdgar. It only takes 10 minutes a day, once you know what to do.

4. The Frequency of the Messenger is More Important Than the Message.

Here’s a formula to help your content cut through the noise in 2017 and beyond:

Frequency of Messenger + Results In Advance Driven Message = Money

Let me break down this equation for you.

Frequency of Messenger:

People can actually feel and hear you through the content you create.

If you are creating content to show people how amazing you are and deep down inside you are craving their approval, they can feel it.

If you are creating content to prove you’re an expert rather than to help, they can feel it.

It’s not the message that’s important. Instead, it’s the frequency of the messenger that’s really important.

Results In Advance Driven Content:

All people are tuned in a radio station called WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Many are not tuning into this station because they are selfish.

Instead, they are tuned into this station because of survival.

People have targets and each person is doing everything in their power to do what is required, or get what is required, to hit their targets.

As a result, all of the content you create (ie. Blogs, Podcasts, Video, Lead Magnets, etc.) should be geared to helping your perfect clients get results.


This is nothing more than a win/win exchange.

Your ideal client sees your offer and believes what you have to exchange (ie, ideas, service, product) is more valuable than the financial investment required.

And you see the financial investment as more valuable than the time you’ve invested or will invest to deliver upon the promised result.

Next Steps

Now that you understand the two deadly content marketing mistakes many personal brands make and know the four steps to cut through the noise, if you’re wanting to learn the secrets to increasing your influence, impact and income, check out this free four part video series.

You’ll learn the forgotten factor to building a highly profitable personal brand, plus learn various social media marketing strategies to build an audience and make more sales.

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