In this episode, I’m bringing my good friend Amber Vilhauer. Amber is one of the experts to the experts. She focuses on helping impact-driven influencers, both big and small, get their message out to the world in the most efficient and powerful ways through digital marketing opportunities. 

She had a big wake up call after a traumatic rock bottom moment when she was 16 years old. She was badly beaten up by five girls at a party that had been created just for that purpose to beat her up. From that moment; decision by decision, day by day, moment by moment, Amber consciously faced her fears and stepped into her highest and best self.

Today, you’ll learn a whole lot of tips and strategies for creating a solid content marketing plan. This way, you’re generating more leads, more exposure, more cells making more impact with your message.

Amber’s gift for building relationships, creativity, innovative strategy systems, and speed offers game-changing support to her visionary clients.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • A brief background of Amber’s professional background
  • How Amber’s beating experience became the turning point in her life.
  • What guided Amber to look inward and fight her way through that dark time in her life?
  • How much of this marketing business is spiritual, or is it just mindset?
  • How important is content in increasing connection to growing the business in today’s marketplace?
  • “The more values you share, the better the relationship is going to go.” – Amber Vilhauer
  • Everybody’s creating content from the palm of their hand. How are they going to stand out today?
  • Is there any science to creating an experiential content marketing plan?
  • The science behind having a more successful content marketing strategy should always start with videos, as discussed by Amber.
  • Is there a way to use written words to still create an experience?
  • What big mistakes do people make when it comes to their content marketing plan?
  • Is it easier if somebody has a content strategy where everything revolves around the linchpin?
  • Is the concept of “Leverage to Scale” all organic? Or it differs from person to person?
  • “Speaking is one of the best things that you can do to grow your business, podcast stages, small groups, masterminds, live streaming, anything like that.” – Amber Vilhauer
  • What advice does Amber have for people coming into this marketing game to actually commit to making it work?
  • Why is being consistent important in your marketing strategies?
  • “The more frequently you do anything, the more you’re going to get results from it.” – Amber Vilhauer
  • What is the runway period for somebody who’s decided to go all-in on content marketing?
  • What wisdom will Amber tell her younger self to help her collapse some time and get results faster?
  • “As long as you just keep it moving, you’ll be fine. Just don’t stop.” – Amber Vilhauer

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