How Many Hashtags to Use in a Tweet

how many hashtags to use in a tweet

Often times many people randomly throw in hashtags when they tweet. It’s as if they believe the only way to communicate and get results with Twitter is by using hashtags. We see them every where. On posters, in commercials, on billboards and we even hear them in our every day english language. #Justsayin. So what…

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Why and How to Use Twitter Lists

how to use Twitter lists

According to Twitter, at the time of this post, there are 316 Million Active Users (this means they tweet at least once every 30 days), 500 Million Tweets are sent per day and 80% of the Active Users are on mobile. When I do the math on how many tweets are sent daily, it means there…

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Why Use Twitter for Business

  Lots of people keep asking why use Twitter for business. For me…RESULTS. That’s why. A Little Background Story for You The year was 2013 and I was making several thousand dollars a month with my group coaching and one-on-one consulting business. I was successfully teaching people how to make money online and getting paid…

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The #TwitterRockstar Announcement

  The past several months have been incredible. I’ve built so many friendships with new people like Michael Port, Viveka von Rosen, Martin Shervington, Navid Moazzez, Jan Koch and Josh Parkinson. I could go on for days about more amazing individuals. Over the past 5 years I’ve been helping men and women around the globe launch their brand online…

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August 2014 Goals Conclusion

Aj Amyx - Business Coach

August was insane! Full of ups and downs, break throughs and amazing opportunities. I went to Podcast Movement in Dallas, TX, met awesome people and connected with so many friends in the podcasting world. Also, it’s official…I am partnering up with Andy Zitzmann of the Gametime Movement. I am so freaking excited about the direction…

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