One of the great struggles is the thought there should not be any problems in life, particularly when we are spiritual people.

Most people are more committed to their reasons than their results.  When you learn to accept responsibility for your life and your choices, you will find a new level of peace, prosperity, and power.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • There are always going to be problems in life.  Thinking that problems shouldn’t exist is bullshit.
  • Problems make the game of life worth playing.  The bigger the problems you face, the higher the quality of life you will experience.
  • Don’t pursue a life without problems.  Instead, pursue a life where are able to handle stronger and stronger problems.
  • Possibilities increase when we get out of our heads and into our spirits.
  • Where do problems exist?  They do not exist outside of the context of human language.
  • Problems occur in our speaking and our listening.  Problems are never “out there.”
  • When our expectation is centered on “shouldn’t be,” we find that problems exist.
  • Human beings are more committed to their reasons than their results.
  • We fall into the trap of thinking there shouldn’t be problems and this is what gets us into stress and struggle.
  • When you are willing to take responsibility, you accept problems and hard times by tapping into the spirit that God gave us.
  • Are you going to give your time and energy to your reasons and choose not to participate in life as a powerful creator or are you going to participate in life as a powerful creator and choose results.
  • In a person’s languaging, if they focus on the reasons why something won’t work, then they create excuses.
  • The word “but” negates any word that precedes it.  When we use reasons not to move forward, we become stuck.
  • Use “and” instead of “but.”  You now have the option to choose instead of being restricted by the negative reason.
  • You are in control of the lie that you cannot move forward.  Simply accept that you are the cause of your results in your life.  
  • We all have problems and struggles, some of which are not of our doing.  However, we are in control of what we do next in the middle of a problem.
  • Do NOT justify or rationalize the reasons why you CANNOT.  Accept that you are in control of your choices and simply choose to own full responsibility for your life.
  • Be intentional about being the cause of your life.

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