In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the power found in loving what is. I first learned this concept from Byron Katie and since then I found there’s a ton of power from embodying her philosophy. 

Learning to love what is has really helped me negotiate and clear up real estate deals. It’s helped me have more peace and fun with my clients. It’s helped me create more connection and intimacy with my wife, it’s helped me see what is my part to clear up in relationship drama, and my immediate family. 

It is by far, one of the most powerful tools I use to shift out of the shit of life and get back into and maintain top levels of power to create life as I choose it to be. 

I will go deep and teach you how to fully embody the power of loving what is this way you can shift into a place of power and really create a new level of peace, purpose and profits quickly.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How are other people living a life of illusion?
  • How and when to realize when you fall into the trap of shoulds?
  • Do people understand the true meaning of Love?
  • How do we get back into a place of power known as love?
  • What is the process of shifting your story?
  • What are the 3 businesses in life as Byron proposes?
  • “The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level as the level we created them at.” Albert Einstein
  • If you want to solve your problem as quickly as possible, it starts by shifting your state.
  • 5 Steps to shifting story
    •  Creating space
      • What/who triggered you to feel angry, frustrated, pissed off, hurt, disappointed? Why?
      • If you could yell at this individual, what would you say to them right now?
      • If you want to force this person to think, say, or do anything what would it be?
      • If you are with no filter and constraints, what do you truly think about this individual right now?
      • What is it about this situation that I don’t want to experience again?
    • Recognizing the story
      • In this moment, if you had to pull all of your feelings into one singular trigger statement, what would it be?
      • What is the story you’re telling yourself that was created by the trigger?
      • Is the story true?
      • What feelings come up for you when you believe that story to be true?
      • What specific thought or desired actions arise from those feelings?
      • If I step back from the story for a second, what do you want in this moment for you and for them?
      • Will the current story give you what you want?
  • Shifting the story
    • 3 shifts
      • Put yourself as a subject
      • Changing the belief to the opposite
      • Changing the belief to what you want most
  •  Choosing what You want
    • After shifting your story, which version of the story helps you get what you want and why?
    • What are you committed to doing within the next 48 hours?
  •  Integrating the lesson
    • What have you learned from the situation about yourself?
    • If it’s applicable, how does the lesson apply to your health, wealth relationships, and or your core identity?

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