Today, I’ll talk about how to be happy and take a dive into a distinction that helped me uncover what seems to be the secrets to happiness and achievement. I think many people don’t know how to be happy. Most people believe that when they have X, Y, or Z, then they will be happy or they believe when they become A, B, or C then they will be happy.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • What is the success equation?
  • What is the problem of the success equation?
  • What does the movie Pursuit of Happiness teach us about happiness?
  • What is the number one reason people don’t drop the success equation?
  • You’re worthy because you exist and you don’t have to prove or defend yourself to anyone or anything.
  • What becomes the problem when we chase success for the reason of proving something to someone or ourselves? 
  • One secret to happiness and achievement is simply doing the thing for its own sake.
  • The enormous part of learning how to be happy is choosing to be happy and knowing you’re doing your very best to pursue the things you feel you’re called to pursue.
  • Why must we become like little children to experience happiness?

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