In this episode, I am going to bring you an expert who can give you some of the best relationship advice there is specifically for entrepreneurs. 

Her name is Dana Heston, and she is one of the wisest relationship coaches I know. She is married to her husband for 37 years now, and they have ten children. Her first calling was to homeschool all of her children, and she has been doing that for over 30 years. Her path toward coaching has been a convoluted journey that began by seeking help for her parenting. Also, she has multiple certifications under her belt, but especially her extensive experience raising nine children has positioned her to bring a unique perspective into her practice. 

She is passionate about equipping and empowering others to connect with their core design, and from their true essence to create exceptional relationships.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How is fear hindering us from connecting to our source or creator? How can we overcome that fear?
  • What is the significant impact of taking responsibility in your thoughts, feelings, and actions in your relationships and business?
  • What is the big, lesser-known danger of hiding your heat from your partner?
  • In a committed relationship, how can you create unity?
  • What is the Law of the Mirror?
  • How did Dana define unconditional love from her own experience?
  • How can a marriage experience unity if both parties aren’t willing to take radical responsibility for their life?
  • Why is living in a safe zone not connecting you to your core power?
  • How can coming out of the drama and taking responsibility for yourself to solve all of your problems?
  • How can you create a vision for your relationship?
  • Why is viewing marriage as a partnership one of the biggest mistakes?
  • Why needing anything from your partner in return to be committed is disempowering?
  • What is the difference between projecting from the extending of love?
  • How can the Law of Mirroring be more powerful when applied to your kids?
  • What would Dana tell her younger self to collapse more time?
  • What is the one principle that flipped Dana’s world upside down?

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