I’ve found myself unhappy and unfulfilled over the past 60 days. I’ve been working a ton, bringing $7,000 to $5,000 consistently into my business but not making too much of a profit and ridiculously stressed.

I’m not sleeping well at night and inside, my body and soul is screaming at me. It’s telling me to do something bigger. To live a life focused on having it all. The question that comes up for me is, “Is it possible for ME to have it all?”

Can I have a booming business, a relationship with my girlfriend that’s on fire, a connected spiritual being and close relationships with friends and family?

My Facebook Newsfeed is full of a few men I highly respect, like Garrett J. White and Setema Gali Jr. who preach the message of having it all.

I’m using this blog as a way to document my progress to having it all. Over the next 90 days, I’m committing to go all in. I’ve been given the frameworks and the blueprints and now it is time for me to COMITT!

I know it will not be easy, but it’s not hard. It will be about getting back the basics and committing to my goals. Creating a game plan and not allowing myself to stray from it.

Below is a list of 8 goals I’ve set out to achieve during the month of August 2014. I’ve set a goal in each of the 8 areas that make up the wheel of life as an experiment to see if I FEEL better about what I’m doing and why I do it.

I will update my progress at the end of the month and be documenting my progress with pictures on my Facebook.

Here are my goals for the month of August 2014:

1. I am easily making $10,000 or more this month

2. I am attending a church service each Sunday

3. I am hitting the gym 6 days a week and following the Man Maker Challenge

4. I am having dinner with a family member once a week

5. Sarah and I are having 2 weekly date nights. We are doing something together on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

6. I will easily plan to play Top Golf with friends in Allen, TX

7. I will easily complete reading the Art of War

8. I will easily have written 2 guest blog posts and have them published on authority sites such as SocialMediaExaminer.com and Entrepreneur.com

Have You Set Your Goals Yet?

My hope, is my transparency will inspire you to be more, to listen to the voice inside that is calling you and to challenge you to step up your game in life and business.

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