Episode 088: Keys to Irresistible Offer Creation

Keys to irresistible Offer Creation

In today’s episode, I brought on one of my past clients to talk shop about online marketing. Today turned out to be a stellar episode if I may say so myself. We got into a spectacular conversation about how to create an irresistible offer, and how spirituality helps marketing convert better, which is very counterintuitive.…

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Episode 082: UFC 254 Insights + Digital Marketing Tips

UFC 254 Insights + Digital Marketing Tips

In today’s episode, I’m bringing in on a guy named Brad Paschal. I first met Brad through my friend and past client, Jody Hall. Brad is an SEO Master, a digital footprint Sasquatch, and an incredible innovator when it comes to taking people online and then take them offline to build a relationship, close the…

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Episode 028: (Content Creation Strategies) How to Create a Content Strategy

(Content Creation Strategies) How to Create a Content Strategy

In today’s episode, I’m bringing you my good friend, Jason Croft of Croft Media to talk about how to create a content strategy. I feel not enough people are talking about this in this game as a coach and course creator. I hope that you are able to pull valuable information from this episode, now…

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Why Persistence Will Keep You and Your Business Broke

Business Coach - Aj Amyx

We can learn a lot from good ol’ Thomas Edison. It is said it took him 10,000 failures before he figured the solution to create the light bulb (I think I said 1,000 in the video…opps). How many times in business have you heard persistence is the key to success. If you persist doing something…

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If you start too fast, slow down but KEEP GOING

Business Coach

Sometimes we set a goal and starting running too fast out of the gate. Before we know it, we fatigue and burn out. Many people do this, then quite what they are working towards. This leads to a life of mediocrity, numbness and disappointment. My challenge to you is to NOT STOP. Just slow down…

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