In today’s episode, I brought on one of my past clients to talk shop about online marketing. Today turned out to be a stellar episode if I may say so myself. We got into a spectacular conversation about how to create an irresistible offer, and how spirituality helps marketing convert better, which is very counterintuitive.

Our guest for today is Colin Scotland, a brilliant marketing coach out in the UK. Several years ago, he heard me speak on a virtual summit. He then reached out to me over on Twitter, and we had a powerful conversation, and he decided to coach with me. Today, you’ll hear about how the coaching was life transformational for him, in his personal life and his business. He went from owing the bank, 500,000 pounds to having a six-figure online business that allows him to live his ideal lifestyle. He knows online marketing inside and out. He’s on a mission to help people who are mission-driven entrepreneurs. And overall, he’s just an incredible human being. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How powerful can marketing be from the place of integrity?
  • As Colin mentioned, marketing doesn’t work without what? 
  • What is the most important thing in everything you do from the marketing perspective?
  • What is an authentic marketing approach? How does it help your clients?
  • What becomes the problem when you focus solely on what they do, the products they have, or the services they offer?
  • In the marketing world, what is the process or the yardstick that measures client satisfaction? 
  • “The clarity of whom you serve goes hand in hand with your own purpose, your own “why”, and your own connectedness.”
  • What is the Japanese concept Ikigai about? How can you apply it to marketing?
  • How do your ego and your mind become one of the biggest battles that you can ever face?
  • Why ignoring your ego be one of the biggest mistakes anybody can make?
  • What was the biggest breakthrough in Colin’s life, and how did it affect him?
  • How did Colin compare our souls to the lake?
  • What misconceptions mostly people make when they think or talk about consciousness and spirituality?
  • How learning to be playful in certain situations in your life can be a door opener? What difference will it make?
  • What wisdom would Colin give his younger self? 

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