Lots of people keep asking why use Twitter for business.

For me…RESULTS. That’s why.

A Little Background Story for You

The year was 2013 and I was making several thousand dollars a month with my group coaching and one-on-one consulting business. I was successfully teaching people how to make money online and getting paid for it, yet I didn’t have a system to continue building my email list.

I knew I needed more exposure and traffic and I didn’t have a budget for running Facebook Ads at the time.

So I got resourceful.

I asked myself…”How can I reach my target market right now.”

The answer…”TWITTER.”

So I went all in.

After testing a several ideas and strategies I found a 4 step process to getting more traffic, leads and sales with Twitter.

Here are the 5 benefits I discovered to using Twitter:

1. Get more Traffic and Grow Your Email List

It’s a known fact in internet marketing, your money is in your list. Especially if you want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur. You know the kind…the people who can travel the world and make tens of thousands of dollars each month.

By playing the Follow Game™, I discovered I could get targeted traffic to my website every day and people would sign up for my email list.

The key though is consistency.

I’ll be teaching the exact keys on my FREE upcoming Master Class, The 4 Steps to a Proven Twitter Marketing Plan on Thursday, June 4th.

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30% of my traffic is usually generated from Twitter and there have been times where 60% of my traffic to my website was from Twitter.

2. Build Your Authority and Credibility

We grew up (at least I did in the South) being told not to judge books by their covers. I discovered as I got old, people do judge books by their covers.

You can fight if you want, but if you want to get in the game and win, use the mentality to your advantage.

The more targeted followers you have on Twitter, the more perceived credibility you have in your industry.

The internet is filled with people publishing content.

The opportunity still lies in those who actually create a targeted audience. Seth Godin calls it a tribe. I like to call it a raving fan base.

Twitter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build one.

If you’re speaking at an event, hosting a webinar, published on a guest blog or a guest on a podcast, it’s inevitable for people to Google your name, look at your website and social media profiles.

If you have many fans, people immediately will start thinking to themselves, “This person must be legit. Look at how many people are following this person.”

What you do NOT want to do is take the short cut. Meaning…to purchase Twitter followers. This is a huge mistake I see people often make.

We live in a day in age where we want instant success, instant gratification.

Those who dominate the game, do the work consistently. It pays off for you big time in the long run.

Twitter is like this. If you learn and implement the proven concepts I teach in Tweet Like a Rockstar, you’ll build a raving fan base full of potential customers.

These people will opt-in to your email list, share you content, promote your offerings and ultimately adore you and your business.

Moral of the story…don’t buy Twitter followers. Do the work.

Also understand, depending on your business, you may not need thousands of followers. You many only need a few hundred of targeted customers.

3. Become Friends with Industry Thought Leaders and Those You Admire

When I was hosting the Movement Marketing Summit with Andy Zitzmann, we wanted to have Peter Voogd on our online event.

We had listened to a few podcasts Peter was on and really liked how he helped people stay focused and take massive action.

Since I had never or talked with Peter, I sent him a tweet asking him about speaking on the event.

He was interested, we exchanged email address, we hoped on Skype and the rest is history.

What you need to understand is unlink many of the other social media platform, there is no barrier of entry with Twitter.

Often times, the thought leaders and movers and shakers of each industry are tweeting from their own personal Twitter account.

This gives you direct access to them, if you know how to operate it strategically.

This gives you the ability to connect with Industry Leaders, establish joint venture partnerships and ways you can help each other out.

4. Make More Sales

Engagement is the name of the game on Twitter.

You cannot treat it like a one way conversation. If you want results, it’s a two way conversation.

Leverage your offline skill sets of conversation online using Twitter.

Ask people direct questions like…”What are you working on? What is your biggest obstacle right now?”

Remember…relationships are everything.

Use Twitter to start genuine conversations with your target market to see if you can help them or know someone who can.

The other thing is…if you are implementing the Follow Game™ you’ll be driving more traffic to your website, building your list and if you have a good marketing funnel in place, make sales.

5. Become a Rockstar

Since I have created a raving fan base of over 15,000 targeted people, when I share a Twitter video about me leaving the airport here in Dallas, TX to attend Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, CA, people pay attention.

This past March 2015, when I was walking through the hallway, one day before the event, a woman approached me and asked me, “Are you Aj Amyx?”

I said I was and she said, “I saw your video of you leaving Dallas. I saw you walking across the hallway and had to come introduce myself.”

This is the kind of stuff that happens to rockstars. It used to happen to me when I was touring with Trade Cities.

It will be pretty cool when it happens to you too.

Besides stroking your own ego, it again goes to shows you can become the authority within your industry.

Your Next Steps

Join me for my FREE Master Class, The 4 Steps to a Proven Twitter Marketing Plan on Thursday, June 4th.

I’ll be teaching your my proven plan to generating more traffic, leads and sales with Twitter.

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