Episode 018: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

In today’s episode,  we are discussing on the topic of how to write a Non-fiction Book. Today’s guest is Rafeal (Ralph)Polenda and he owns a christian publishing company called Quoir.  He believes Christian publishers have upheld the status quo and protected toxic power structures within the faith. In addition, he believes many people who have…

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Episode 012: How to Get More Followers on Instagram Organically In 2020

How to get More Followers on Instagram Organically in 2020

Today’s guest is a freaking rockstar. She speaks on stages all around the world teaching people how to use Instagram for business. I’m bringing on my good friend and client Sue B. Zimmerman, who is one of the world’s leading Instagram experts. I hope you enjoy this episode on How to Get More Followers on…

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How to Build a Personal Brand in 2020

how to build a personal brand

Today we will be talking with Julian Placino who has made big waves into creating his own personal brand. Julian went from working at BottleRocket which is one of the best app building companies to starting a podcast called “Pathways to Success.”  That led him to become a paid actor in commercials and successfully create…

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3 Books That Helped Me Create a Highly Profitable Lifestyle Business

lifestyle business

Every time I’m on a podcast or radio show, hosts ask me what are a few books I’ve read that have made a big impact on my life. This is one of my favorite questions I get asked because without books there is no way I would be where I am today. Some say knowledge…

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August 2015 Goals

My focus this month is to focus on setting smaller goals. This way I can create momentum in my life. Each month I just want to do a little bit better. Then next month, I just want to do a little bit better. I want to focus on being in here and now. Yes. I…

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