To live your best life, you have to learn to deal effectively with conflict. Learning to let go of the PC allows you to prepare yourself to better handle conflict.  It is learning to embrace people giving all of who they are instead of simply bringing a small part of who they are.  You need others to give their best and you need to give your best, all of you, in order to live your best life.  You are robbing yourself and the other person of growth when you are pulling punches in conflict.

Don’t be afraid of your own power!

The process of dealing with conflict…

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Let go of the PC beliefs holding you back.
  • Enter conflict with 100% of who you are without attempting to hurt the other person or to cower to them.
  • Be direct in dealing with conflict.
  • Follow the process of resolving conflict
    • C – Context:  These are the facts surrounding the solution.
    • P – Possibility:  What are the possibilities or options for moving forward?
    • R – Resolution:  This is the pursuit of a win-win outcome for the conflict.
  • Embrace the contrast in the human experience
  • Give up blaming and shaming the other person in the conflict.
  • Learn to close your mouth and listen to the other person, really listen to them.

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