Today’s Episode, we’re talking about the power of focus and why you must focus on the goal at hand. Over the past four weeks, I have been running and I’ve been following this app called Couch to 5K. On every single day that I run, I’m learning something.

Right now the biggest thing that I’m learning is to stay focused on the horizon and what I mean by that is my big vision. 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How does being focused change the way we see things?
  • The only way to win in this season of life is to keep your focus on the big vision. 
  •  What will happen if you stop focusing on your goals?
  •  I simply choose to use the power of my mind to cast the vision and feel in my cores, of course, this big vision and projecting it out onto the horizon and allow myself to feel that it is done. 
  • Choose to acknowledge negative thoughts for what they are, just voices.
  • Consciously choose to breathe and keep focused on the horizon of your desires. 
  • What does the story of David and Goliath teach us about the power of focus? 
  • Instead of David’s strength, what killed Glothiath?
  • Why is focus a vital aspect in accomplishing our goals?
  • How do you win over the war with yourself?
  • The only way to win the war is to leverage the power of focus. And if you focus on your goal at hand, you’ll win.
  • Your “Why” should be because you choose it. 

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