In today’s episode, I’m bringing one of the guys who taught me how to increase my engagement on Facebook. A couple of years ago, I was looking to sharpen my Facebook marketing skills and I was introduced to Ben Perry. Ben teaches online entrepreneurs how to use organic marketing strategies on Facebook to generate more leads and sales.

One day he made an offer for his course called Organic Marketing Secrets. So I bought it, I started implementing the strategies that he taught and immediately started getting a lot more engagement or reaching a lot more people. If you want to learn the proven Facebook organic marketing strategies that will guarantee you that you’ll never hear crickets from your Facebook post again, Ben is your man.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • How did Ben start in the online marketing game?
  • Why did Ben shift from being a life coach to a marketing consultant?
  • Why is organic marketing on Facebook important?
  • What advice Ben will give to somebody who wants to go all-in on organic Facebook marketing? 
  • Why does it pay to prime your Facebook profile?
  • Should you have separate social media accounts for your business and personal life?
  • What proven strategies Ben found to improve Facebook post engagement?
  • 2 Kinds of post
    • Competency Posts
    • Character Posts
  • Why is engagement important?
  • How many times a day should people post if they will take advantage of organic marketing?
  • How or when will somebody outsource or hire a person to write their social media post? 
  • How many value posts someone needs to create before they make an offer post?
  • Are Facebook Groups still relevant to organic marketing?
  • Biggest mistakes people make in their organic Facebook posts
  • The biggest lessons that Ben learned from learning traffic and funnels
  • Why is emotional regulation important in running your business?
  • What will Ben tell his younger self to help him collapse some time and get results faster?

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