Do you want to know the 3 questions (and answers) every Entrepreneur and Creative person should ask to generate leads and sales, but don’t?

If you’re an Entrepreneur who wants to generate leads and sales without taking up too much time, then you need to read this immediately to get the answers to the questions you probably don’t even know to ask.

#1 Question You Should Ask:

“What 3 social media platforms should I solely focus on for 90 days to generate leads?”

This is ridiculously important because if you do not focus on three platforms you will spread yourself too thin.

If you spread yourself too thin, you will not have enough time to consistently implement the social media strategies to get results.

So, what’s the answer to this question as it relates to generating leads and sales?

Knowing what your innate gifts for creating content are and which three social media platforms your target audience is on, is the answer.

You must understand not all social media platforms are created equally.

Each platform has it’s own culture and way of doing things. If you try to treat all social media platforms the same, by publishing the same type of content across the board, you will fail.

This would be like an American who only knows how to speak English visiting Romania and only speaking English to them, and then not understanding why the Romanian isn’t communicating back.

It’s because the culture and language is different. If you want to communicate with a Romanian you must either a.) find a Romanian who can speak English or b.) learn to speak Romanian.

This is an obvious example, yet so many people do not take this to heart when it comes to their social media marketing strategy.

The other thing you must pay attention to select the three social media platforms that are a good fit for you is…what are you and/or your company innately gifted with and drawn to?

Do you like photos, video or writing quirky comments or inspirational messages?

This is important to know because if you do not like photos or have any interest in using them, using Instagram or Pinterest wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

Yet if you LOVE taking photos, then Instagram and Pinterest are GENIUS for you to go ALL in on for your social strategy.

So pick the three social media platforms where your target market is hanging out and are in alignment with the gifts and talents of you and/or your brand.

#2 Question You Should Ask:


“When should I use paid ads on social media and when should I focus on organic strategies?”

This is an EPIC question to ask yourself because it depends on how fast you want to run.

Here’s the truth my friend…

If you have more time than you have money, you will need to leverage your time by focusing on organic social media marketing strategies to drive traffic.

If you have more money than you have time, you need to spend your money on paid traffic.

So, you need to be honest with yourself of where you are in the game of social media marketing.

Knowing where you are in the game is important because solely focusing on organic reach to generate traffic and leads is unpredictable.

There’s really no way to have 100% certainty your organic social media strategy will bring in thousands of new visitors.

I assure you, if you learn to implement the correct strategies consistently, you will bring in qualified traffic to your website, generate leads and ultimately make more sales, yet your traffic to your website will be unpredictable.

On the other hand, if you are at a place in your business where you can spend money monthly (this can be as little as $100 per month) you can get your message and offer directly in front of your target market instantly.

By doing this you can control the amount of traffic you can drive to your website.

This helps you to start testing your conversions to leads and sales.

You can dial this is to know exactly how much money a lead costs you and how many leads you need to close a sale.

This my friends is how you can dial in a consistent income.

My tip for you here to make your life easier is to become aware of where you are at in the game.

If you have more time, how much money do you need to make before you can commit to start spending at least $100 per month on paid advertising and then slowly start increasing your ad budget to scale your business over time.

Many people make the mistake of trying to use paid social media advertising as the holy grail to get rich quick.

Do this my friend you are no different than being a baseball player stepping up to the plate, swinging for the fences and hoping to hit a home run.

If you do, life is great and you receive tons of praise. Yet if you do not, you strike out.

The difference between the home run hitter and you my friend is you unlike the home run hitter, have your life on the line.

If you want to WIN the game, just focus on hitting a base hit. Just spend $100 dollars and see how many leads you get to start.

Don’t put everything you have into the paid game of advertising hoping and praying to strike it rich over night.

Be patient and spend you hard earned advertising budget wisely.
Test, tweak, optimize and refine. This my friend is the game of the leaders in your industry.

#3 Question You Should Ask:

“How do I know which social media platforms will work for me?”

This is a really good question because if you buy into the hype and start implementing the latest-and-greatest hoping to generate leads and sales, you could be wasting a ton of time and resources.

The answer in this case is to make sure you target market is using the platform(s) you want to use.

Take some time to do some research to see what demographic is using the platform.

You could even sign up for an account on the social media platform and just play around personally to see what types of people are using the platform.

If your target marketing happens to be there, go all in. Don’t dabble. Choose to master it.

One last insight I have for you on this question is you also need to know what your goal is with the social media platform.

Remember, not all social media platforms are created equal and each has a different culture.

With this being said, you cannot expect to have the exact same goals for each platform.

Instagram for instance may be used to simple be used to branding and staying top of mind. Twitter can be used to be the voice of your brand. Facebook can be used to serve valuable content and offers directly to your target market and Periscope could be used for a behind-the-scenes in real-time streaming.

So, take the time to get clear on what you would like to accomplish by using a social media platform.

Your Next Steps

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