Do you know the 3 biggest social media marketing barriers that block more entrepreneurs and creative people?

If you’re an entrepreneur or creative person who wants to bypass these social media marketing barriers and push on to build your email list and increase traffic to your website, then read this immediately.

Barrier #1: Not knowing what social media strategies and tools to implement

This is a barrier because there are so many strategies and third party tools to choose from. There are PostPlanner, Heyo, Hootsuite, SocialBro, Manageflitter and many many others. Plus, there are strategies that go along with each tool.

Not knowing which social media strategies and tools to implement can stop you dead in your tracks because you are swimming in social media overload.

You get around this by getting clear on the goals you have with social media. Many of the tools and strategies are solid if you implement them consistently, yet they can be distracting from your original purpose of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

If you’ve already been stopped by not knowing which social media strategies and tools to implement, then this how you get started again…

Set aside 15 minutes and write down what you’d like to achieve from your social media efforts.

Do you simply want more brand exposure, increase traffic to your website, collect leads, set up sales calls, what is it for you?

Once you are crystal clear on the outcome you want to achieve then ask yourself will this strategy or tool I’m considering help me hit my outcome?

If it does, great! Implement the strategy or use the tool consistently.

If it doesn’t help you hit your target, then simply move on to the social media strategy or tool that will help you.

Barrier #2: No system in place to create relevant social media content

I hear this from entrepreneurs and creative people all the time. They say, “What do I post? I’m afraid I will run out of ideas.”

Then guess what they do…look at more tools and more strategies because they believe having more information is the solution. It’s not.

Not having a system in place to create relevant social media content is the huge problem because you will not be consistent in implementing your social media strategy.

If you want results with social media you have to be consistent.

Consistency is the new currency in today’s modern day marketplace because anyone at any time can post whatever they choose to social media. Yet they may be here today and gone tomorrow.

This leaves people reading your content feeling they cannot trust you, because they are not 100% certain if they give you their hard earned money you will be here for the long run.

The Leaders in each industry have one thing in common when it comes to getting results with social media. They are consistent.

Yes. They change their approach and the types of posts and content they are creating, their strategies and tools evolve as their business and message evolves, however, one thing is always there…consistency.

Day in and day out, they are shipping their content and their message to the marketplace.

Imperfect consistent action will always trump inconsistent perfection.

So how in the hell can you get consistent?

It’s easy peasy…You create a system and it’s a lot easier than you think.

If you’ve already been stopped by not having a system in place to create relevant social media content, then this how you get started again…

First, create a spreadsheet listing the days and types of posts you want to create each day. It doesn’t have to be sexy. Keep it simple.

Create one tab and call it Facebook.

Then Type in the Day of the Week (ie. Monday, etc) and below it leave two to four blanks.

Then repeat the process for all seven days of the week.

This my friend becomes your template for your system.

The blank spaces under each day are where you can type what type of post you would like to create for that day.

Here are a few different type of posts ideas:

  • Your Blog Post
  • Third Party Share
  • Inspirational Quote Image
  • Inspirational Video
  • Statistic
  • The Question
  • The Testimonial

This allows you to harness your creative power and be very productive because you’ve taken the time to outline what types of content you need to create for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever social media platforms you choose to help you achieve your outcomes.

Then all you need to do each day, or you can schedule it out if you’d like, is create the content.

Don’t second guess the spreadsheet. It’s your system. Just ship your content consistently.

Remember your system isn’t chiseled in stone. If you feel you want to change the types of posts, do so.

Just remember to honor your system. Get out of your head and get into action.

The game is won on the field. Not while sitting on the sidelines spectating.

Barrier #3: Turning likes and comments into customers

Engagement is great. Yet if all you get is great engagement and no money in the bank, what in the hell is the point of it all?

This becomes a barrier because you start to doubt social media marketing is worth the time and effort.

I get it because I’ve had those exact same thoughts in the past.

I do have good news though…you can get around this barrier. You can turn likes and comments into customers.

You get around this by getting strategic and understanding social media is social.

You have to learn to use your offline conversational skills online. If you have epic conversations at networking events or with friends, have those same types of conversations online.

You can do this via Private Message or commenting on Facebook, Direct Message or @replies on Twitter, Messages or comments on LinkedIn, etc.

Just remember it’s SOCIAL media. So be social. Get into epic conversations and understand the whole point is to find out if they have a problem you can solve.

If so, it’s time to take the social conversations to the next step…a meeting. This meeting can be for coffee or virtually via phone, skype, Zoom, etc.

If you’ve already been stopped and are tired of not being able to turn likes and comments into customers, then this how you get started again…

Next time someone sends you a Facebook friend request or Direct Message on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram ask them, “What made you reach out and connect with me?”

You’ll be surprised by what they say. They may say something like, “I’ve heard you on a Podcast” or “I saw your post and it really got me thinking.”

You’ll never know until you ask. Once you know why they reached out to you, you can ask another empowering question to further connect and qualify how you can find a win/win for each other.

The biggest thing for you to understand to turn likes and comments into customers is this…

Empowering questions lead to empowering answers. Disempowering questions leads to disempowering answers.

Ask your questions wisely my friend.

You’re Next Steps

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