Kate Swoboda is a Life Coach, speaker and writer who helps clients to lead unconventional and revolutionary lives through practicing courage. She’s the author of The Courageous Living Guide, and creator of the Courageous Play and Create Stillness retreats–as well as The Coaching Blueprint, a resource just for Life Coaches. When she’s not writing, coaching, or leading retreats in Italy and San Francisco, she can be found sipping chai in libraries, buffing up on her Italian, training for her next road race, or getting all bendy-stretchy on the yoga mat. Learn more at http://www.yourcourageouslife.com , sign up for her free newsletter, or follow her on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/katecourageous or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YourCourageousLife.

As Creatives, how can we really be courageous and make money doing what we love?

Kate Swoboda, aka @KateCourageous, has several things to say about living courageously and making money doing what you love! Here’s just one:

“I think it’s critically important to stand in your own authentic truth and I have a saying, you know, “You don’t leave one job that you don’t like only to go into doing the work that you love and setting it up in such a way that isn’t actually fulfilling,” and I sometimes like to ask the question, “Are you running a business or is your business running you?” I think I definitely hear a lot of people talk about the struggle to find their authentic selves. I think it takes time. I think it takes giving yourself some gentleness and some space to see what works for you.” –Kate Swoboda

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