Do you know the 3 biggest myths about Social Media Marketing?

If you want to generate leads and sales without taking up too much time, then you need to read this immediately because the myths and the TRUTH about Social Media Marketing are below.

Myth #1: You Need to Be on All Social Media Platforms

I have to call bullshit on this one my friends.

If you try to be on ALL social media platforms you will spread yourself too thin.

The reality is you need to get honest with yourself and stop buying into all the hype.

Where are you at in your business? Are you just getting started or have you been in the game awhile?

Are you seeing success with the platforms you are on or have you not gone all in to master a few platforms of your choosing?

Here’s the Truth…

If you’re just getting started, pick two social media platforms to go all in on.

Randomly posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and doing a few Periscope broadcasts isn’t going to help you generate leads and sales.

Consistency is the key my friend. Once you have two social media platforms mastered (meaning they are bringing you targeted traffic to your website and you are getting leads) then and only then move to new platform.

I hear you. I hear you. You’re most likely asking, “How do you know which two social media platforms to commit to?”

Look at your company, brand and unique gifts and talents. What comes natural to you? What are you naturally drawn to?

Social media is all about relationships, connecting with people and adding value to YOUR industry.

If you are highly visual, Instragram and Pinterest would be a good fit for you.

If you are drawn to video, YouTube and Facebook would be a great decision.

If you are a thought leader, influencer (or want to be), personal brand or a service-based business in a large town, Twitter is perfect for you.

Myth #2: Simply Posting on Social Media Brings You Clients

This is like saying, “Walking into the gym helps you lose weight.” Are you kidding me?

You must have a plan. I hear from people and companies all the time, “Social Media isn’t bringing me an ROI”.

And the crazy part…often times they are right because they are hiring “social media managers” who are digital natives who believe just because they have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. they can simply post 4 times a day on each platform and charge companies a monthly service fee.

Wake up my friend. This is not how you see an ROI on social media.

Here’s the Truth…

It’s called Social Media MARKETING and true marketing requires a well thought out strategy.

You need to have an end goal in mind with tangible metrics in place before you start posting. If your “social media manager” isn’t providing this for you, ask them to.

Each post on social should have a clear call-to-action or purpose. The end goal is always to bring the person finding you on social media back to your website where you should have some type of value exchange in place – ie. an opt-in offer or lead magnet.

If you do not, you’re leaving money on the table. Lots of it.

Myth #3: Social Media is Only for Brand Awareness

Believing this is why I hear people and companies say they do not see a ROI from their social media marketing efforts.

You need have a goal in mind before you start. If your goal is to generate leads, you better have a strategy in place to get people to your website where they can opt-in.

In order for this to take place, you need to be all in with a solid content marketing strategy.

This post you are reading right now is a great example.

You’re receiving massive value from it by becoming aware of the lies that float around in this industry. Not only that, you are getting the truth so you can take the course of actions for your business, whether you are just starting out or are looking for ways to generate more leads and sales.

Here’s the Truth…

If you buy into this belief that social media is only for brand awareness and your goal is to generate more leads, guess what? You’re not going to see the ROI you’re looking for.

It’s possible to generate leads every single day like a machine with social media. You just need to have the right plan and well thought through strategy.

Your Next Steps

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