August was insane! Full of ups and downs, break throughs and amazing opportunities.

I went to Podcast Movement in Dallas, TX, met awesome people and connected with so many friends in the podcasting world.

Also, it’s official…I am partnering up with Andy Zitzmann of the Gametime Movement. I am so freaking excited about the direction we are taking the business.

We are on a mission to help 1,000,000 people step up their game in life and business. Our first focus will be business. We will be helping 20 people to launch and monetize their product, brand or coaching program by the end of 2014.

We’ve already brought on 6 people in the month of August. 🙂

So here’s how my goals for August played out.

The Monthly Results:

1. I am easily making $10,000 or more this month.

I’m happy to announce I did $24,208 in gross sales for the month.

Here’s the interesting takeaway…Money doesn’t make you happy. At the end of the day it’s choice. I know it sounds cliche. Yet, as the business and I grow, stress, confidence and security is a choice. You must learn to master your mindset. The external factors will never be a cure to handling these three things.

2. I am attending a church service each Sunday.

I ended up attending a church service 2 out of the 4 weekends of the month. One weekend I was at Podcast Movement and another weekend I was in Denver with Sarah spending time with her family and exploring the mountains.

One of the game changing things that came from this was reading a daily devotional called the Upper Room. I’ve really enjoyed reading the Bible and reflecting on things each morning.

Now I don’t want to start my day any other way.

This also inspired me to creating some epic Facebook posts/rants. Turns out people LOVED them. ALWAYS listen to the voice that is trying to speak THROUGH you.

3. I am hitting the gym 6 days a week and following the Man Maker Challenge.

This did not happen. I totally failed here. No other reason than lack of commitment.

I did run out in my field several times a week. Usually a 2 to 3 mile run in the 100+ degree temperatures. I really enjoyed this. It pushed my body to the limits and again led to some inspired Facebook postings/rants that people enjoyed.

For the month of September, I’m getting back in the gym period. No excuses. I KNOW I have to in order to break through the my current glass ceiling.

4. I am having dinner with a family member once a week

This didn’t happen completely. I did have dinner with my Dad and his girlfriend, Sandra, my sister and Sarah’s family. So I hit three weeks, but not every week.

Next month I’m going to challenge myself to a weekly phone call to a family member.

5. Sarah and I are having 2 weekly date nights. We are doing something together on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

We didn’t hit 2 date nights each week. She did join me for one day at Podcast Movement, we went Paddle Boarding, Denver, CO and visited a local Winery in Athens, TX.

During our date night on August 29th at the Winery we were reviewing our goals and we decided two dates nights is too much. We decided we wanted to cut back on our expenses just a bit and honestly…we are both really busy during the week right now.

I’m looking forward to continue making dinner together each night and then planning a weekly date night on a Friday or Saturday for us each week.

I surprised her with a trip to the Winery. She had NO clue of where we were going. I must report, this was EPIC.

The Takeaway: Once a week take your lady to a surprised location or outing. Don’t tell her where you are going. Just tell her what to wear and when to be ready to go. You’ll be happy with the results.

6. I will easily plan to play Top Golf with friends in Allen, TX.

This didn’t happen either. I talked about it with my friends at our bi-weekly Bros N Beers but we never settled on a date.

I have to get better about consciously planning something social. We did end up exploring downtown Denver and the mountains in Boulder, CO with friends though.

7. I will easily complete reading the War of Art.

I completely failed here. I didn’t even purchase the book.

I’m happy to report and I just ordered it. I also noticed in my last post I called it the Art of War. That’s a TOTALLY different book…lol.

8. I will easily have written 2 guest blog posts and have them published on authority sites such as and

I wrote one of the two articles. It is called the 3 Underground Methods to Find Customers on Twitter Now and sent it to Mike Stelzner.

I need to step up my game and commit to making this happen.

My Take Aways

Setting goals in each of the eight areas of life make the month so much more fulfilling. I’ve learned I need to have each of my goals in front of me. I need to write them down and look at them each day so I can be focused on accomplishing them.

To be quite honest, I forget many of these and now that I’m reporting on them, I’m surprised so many of them were accomplished.

Yet if I would have written them down and looked at them each day, I would have been focused on getting them knocked out. I just forgot.

Goes to show whatever you focus on, you can make happen.

For the first time in a long time I’m really happy with where I’m at and KNOW this is only the beginning.

Onwards my friend. Onwards.

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